How to Get Better at Golf (3 of 3)

In the first 2 videos we talked about playing and practicing more often while enhancing your golf-specific athleticism so that you have the essentials for a high performance golf swing. Today’s video is about mastering the SECRET OF GOLF by creating CLUBHEAD LAG. A lot of people think that clubhead lag means that the clubhead […]

How to Get Better at Golf (2 of 3)

To excel at golf we need to hit the ball far and and we need to hit the ball accurately. Doing that is 100% reliant on impact conditions. Specifically, SUSTAINING THE LINE OF COMPRESSION, which Homer Kelley identified as being the secret to golf. To sustain the line of compression we need to be accelerating […]

How to Get Better at Golf (1 of 3) Practicing, by far and away, is the most important thing you can do to improve your performance. Golf is the most technical of all sports, it demands a lot of practice time. But if you’re going to be playing and practicing a lot your body must have the CAPACITY to play a lot of […]

PIVOT BETTER Improve your pivot. A decrease in hip internal rotation will reduce your ability to post into your lead leg, forcing you into early extension or possibly to hang back. Decreased hip internal rotation is usually a result of postural dysfunction, specifically lumbo pelvic hip complex dysfunction and/or lower extremity dysfunction. The common postural dysfunction […]

Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis syndrome can cause pain and numbness down your leg, as well as weakness. It can be debilitating and negatively affect not only your golf game, but also your quality of life. Piriformis syndrome is irritation of your sciatic nerve due to an overactive piriformis. The piriformis can be become synergistically dominant to an inhibited […]

Is Low Back Pain Killing Your Golf Game?

Use this Weird 11-minute movement routine before your next round to help turn your joints into elastic springs and cut back pain by 50% (and improve your swing)

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More Powerful Swing

The box jump is the staple of lower body power training. When done correctly it enhances your ability to convert elastic potential energy into kinetic energy or movement. Pay particular attention to my 5 cues. FORM ECCENTRIC LOADING AMORTIZATION PHASE BE FAST LAND SOFT (heel to toe) You can progress this exercise by making the […]

How To Fix Rotator Cuff Pain

Improve the performance of your rotator cuff to increase distance and consistency. Your rotator cuff is comprised of 4 muscles. SUPRASPINATUS INFRASPINATUS TERES MINOR SUBSCAPULARIS They all originate from the shoulder blade and insert directly into the shoulder capsule.  Supraspinatus originates from the top part of the shoulder blade and inserts into the top of […]

Increase Clubhead Speed and Stop Neck Pain

We can add 5 MPH to your clubhead speed by fixing the things that are making your neck hurt. A forward head posture is making your neck hurt and decreasing your distance off the tee. HOW? Because posture is the foundation of all your movements, including your swing sequence. Simply put, if you have bad […]

FOLLOW-ALONG 20 Minute Glute Circuit for Golf

The gluteus maximus and gluteus medius are two muscles that are EXTREMELY important for golf. The gluteus maximus is the primary hip extensor and is the most important muscle for generating speed during your downswing.  It is commonly referred to as the “King of the Golf Swing”. The gluteus medius is the primary frontal plane […]