More Distance = More Options (ROTATE FASTER!)

In this video I show you one of the best exercises for increasing clubhead speed and distance. Muscles don’t work in isolation to create a high-performance golf swing, they work together in synergies. The posterior oblique subsystem is one of four common muscle synergies in the human body. This subsystem plays a significant role in […]


In this video I show you what the most common cause of knee pain is and 3 things you can do at home to fix it. Go to to learn more. In good health, Thomas

Is Low Back Pain Killing Your Golf Game?

Use this Weird 11-minute movement routine before your next round to help turn your joints into elastic springs and cut back pain by 50% (and improve your swing)

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In this video Thomas shows you the staple of core training and all the corresponding progressions – the quadruped. By mastering these movements you can eliminate your low back pain, enhance your coordination and improve your performance.

Enhanced Hip Movement

In this video I show you 2 assessments that you can do at home to assess your hip mobility and 2 flexibility techniques that I use with pro golfers to enhance  hip movement. PRONE HIP INTERNAL ROTATION ASSESSMENT Normal ROM: 40-50 degrees Possible Restrictions: —–Muscles: Piriformis, Posterior Adductor Magnus, Iliopsoas —–Joint: Posterior Hip Capsule SUPINE […]

Enhanced Shoulder Movement

The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint. The typical imbalances that occur around the shoulder pull the humeral head (ball) anterior and superior in the glenoid fossa (socket). This displacement changes the way the surfaces of the ball and socket line up and is called arthrokinematic dyskinesis. Arthrokinematic dyskinesis increases wear-and-tear on the joint and reduces […]