Enhanced Shoulder Movement

The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint.

The typical imbalances that occur around the shoulder pull the humeral head (ball) anterior and superior in the glenoid fossa (socket).

This displacement changes the way the surfaces of the ball and socket line up and is called arthrokinematic dyskinesis.

Arthrokinematic dyskinesis increases wear-and-tear on the joint and reduces mobility.

As a consequence of the humeral head migrating anterior and superior, the posterior and inferior fibers of the shoulder capsule become tight, which reduces mobility even further. 

If you have reduced shoulder mobility you will have to compensate when you swing a golf club.

Compensating leads to a loss of distance, inconsistent ball striking and increased risk for injury. 

In this video I show you a self-administered mobilization technique that will stretch the tight posterior and inferior fibers of the shoulder capsule and help restore normal shoulder arthrokinematics and range-of-motion. 


Lateral Distraction w/ 1-2 oscillations per second for 30 seconds

Lateral Distraction w/ 10-15 flexion-extension cycles

For best results perform these mobilization techniques after completing the release techniques from the previous video.

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