Better Backswing (5 MINUTE ROUTINE)

In this video I show you one of my favourite routines for creating a better backswing. This routine focuses on increasing the mobility of the thoracic spine.

Thoracic and lumbar spine mobility and mobilization drills are not something you can afford to overlook, especially if you want to have a high-performance backswing.

The thoracic spine is the middle segment on the spine, between the neck and abdomen. It consists of 12 vertebrae.

On average, each thoracic vertebra can rotate approximately 3 degrees. Therefore, the entire thoracic spine should have about 35 degrees of rotation on each side.

Each lumbar vertebra can rotate approximately 2 degrees, resulting in 10 degrees of rotation to each side.

Therefore, the total amount of rotation in your thoracolumbar spine should be approximately 45 degrees.

So, you’ll have a 90 degree backswing – just like the average PGA Tour player – if you can rotate your thoracolumbar spine 45 degrees and you have 45 degree hip turn.

What should be considered here, however, is the consequences to the lumbar spine if the thoracic spine does not rotate well enough. If the thoracic spine does not rotate, the lumbar spine is forced to rotate more, which could play a role in low back pain or injury.

Rotation of more than 3 ° at any lumbar segment could damage the articular surface and tear collagen fibers that make up the disc between each vertebra.

Complete this routine 2-5 days/week to improve your thoracic spine mobility and improve your backswing.


Thoracic Spine Extension (Stretching)

Thoracic Spine Rotation (Stretching)

Thoracic Spine Rotation (Strengthening)

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