Become a Better Golfer

One of the most common things I hear from golfers (from amateurs and touring professionals) is how hard it is to find someone they can trust with their injuries and performance training.

Someone who has experience at the highest level as a Strength Coach, can integrate Sports Medicine, and shares their passion for golf.

Maybe you’re dealing with injuries that prevent you from playing the game you love, or maybe you want to increase your CHS and distance. Or maybe you’re a touring professional that wants to move up the rankings and win more money.

I want to help and be that person for you.

That’s why I created my Inner Circle.

I want to share with you my cutting edge rehab and performance training to help you take your game to the next level.

Training you can do in a gym or at home with minimal equipment.

Plus, you get full access to me to ask questions and get help along the way.

So, I hope you’ll join my Inner Circle.  I look forward to helping you play the best golf of your life!

– Thomas Malchow