Isolated Activation Techniques/Exercises for Golf (FAST RESULTS!)

In this video I show you why isolated activation techniques/exercises are an essential part of building a high-performance golf swing. In fact, they can have an immediate impact on the quality of your movement and instantly improve your mobility, while making you stronger, faster and more coordinated.

Certain muscles in the body are susceptible to inhibition and under activity via altered reciprocal inhibition. This can lead to synergistic dominance and increased risk for injury. Isolated activation exercises are usually single-joint movement patterns that are designed to load a specific underactive muscle, while minimizing the contribution from overactive synergists.

They enhance the performance of an underactive muscle by enhancing neural drive, motor unit recruitment, synchronization, intra- and inter-muscular coordination and firing rate. They should be part of any performance enhancement program.

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The Trainfuly program uses a proven 8-step performance enhancing continuum that will improve your mobility, while making you stronger, faster and more coordinated.

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Trainfuly Golf Fitness Program:​​​

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