Cliff Oppegaard


My experience with Thomas has been nothing short of life changing. I was stuggling with low back pain
that was dictating my day to day activities, as well as my hobbies. As a golfer I assumed low back pain
was just part of the game. I was quickly made aware that isn’t how it has to be. With a little work, knowledge,
and training I was on my way. Thomas gave me the tools, and ambition I was struggling to find on my
own, or with other traing programs. In just two short months I was well on my way to a pain free life, and
golf game! He not only walked me through every step, large or small, he gave me the information to
identify the cause and effect of my low back pain, and how to treat it on my own.

Mike Sible


I first heard Thomas when he was a guest on Mark Immelman’s podcast “On the Mark” on PGA Tour radio. His conceptualization of back pain related to the golf swing made immediate sense. I was very active but bothered by low back pain. I started working with him in January of this year and have been extremely impressed with him as a professional and likewise with my back. I told my wife I was going to do this for my health and not just to get better at golf. As a retired surgeon, I enjoy our skype sessions, geeking out on structural and functional anatomy. I really like his prompts and cues on his online video tutorials. His programs are a part of my life and I am much better for them. I also picked up 15 yards on my drives!

Steven J. Clements

Competitive Golfer

I started working with Thomas only three months ago, with an aim to help with different injuries I was experiencing and also improve my movement for golf. In this short period I have found myself injury free for the first time in the last two years and generally feeling better day to day. I am also seeing the benefits on the course; increasing my flexibility and strength has led to a consistent 7-8mph improvement in my driver club head speed. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Jesse Fibiger

NHL hockey player

I was introduced to Thomas after my second season of professional hockey in 2002. I was immediately impressed by his knowledge and devotion to his methods. He managed to address many issues I had in my training, diet, and treatment of past injuries which made a huge difference in my performance. I am extremely grateful for Thomas’s guidance and expertise as it allowed me to bring the best version of myself to my sport. I would highly recommend Thomas to anyone looking to better themselves in sport or life in general

Chris Sillars

After suffering catastrophic injuries from a rock climbing accident, I felt like my progress in recovery had stagnated, and my physical job was becoming more difficult to manage. Thomas helped me in a big way, identifying muscular imbalances that were exacerbating my aches and pains, and giving me the tools I needed to correct these imbalances. This allowed me to return to work mostly pain free, and provide me with greater functionality in day to day life.

Andrew Quackenbush

I had the good fortune to be a client of Thomas’ a number of years ago.  I found him to be knowledgeable, encouraging, and open-minded. These traits helped me trust Thomas and his program until I was able to develop to a more comfortable body weight and to reduce self-consciousness.  His results-focused fitness plan helped to increase my awareness of proper movement and nutrition.  Thomas ensured my sessions were injury-free and enjoyable, and as a result of that positive experience, I have continued to make my health a priority since that time.

Chad Lindstrom

For the better part of a year I was having issues with my upper back and neck.  I’m active, and enjoy hockey, curling and most of all – playing with my 4yr old son.  Unfortunately that wasn’t enough to escape the realities of working a desk job for years – it caught up to me.

I tried massage, chiro, and physio – it wasn’t working and the pain was preventing me from doing the things I love.

An assessment with Thomas, he armed me with the tools and knowledge to address my condition.   In just a few weeks the results have been amazing.  Better yet, my program can be done at home and only requires 20 minutes in the morning.  He is a wizard!  Thanks Thomas!

Mike Stutzel

NHL Hockey Player

When I met Thomas is 2002 I was playing hockey for Northern Michigan University.  I quickly trusted his techniques and he was a pleasure to work with.  He always brought attention to detail to everything we did, as well as, explained why we did things and what the benefits were.  His communication skills were excellent and he had some very innovative ideas.  While working with Thomas I was able to improve all aspects of my physical performance, he made me stronger, faster and more agile.  He was also able to address any injury I sustained during the long hockey season.  With the training, meal advice and support I received from Thomas, I was able to make it to the NHL in 2003 with the Phoenix Coyotes.  I would highly recommend Thomas as a kinesiologist and nutritionist to anyone.  He is very intelligent, hard working and incredibly driven.  Anyone looking to recover from injury or advance their physical attributes would benefit immensely from Thomas’ guidance.