Swing Speed (3 LEVELS)

In this video I show you one of my favourite exercises for increasing swing speed.

LEVEL 1: Lateral Hop to Stabilization, 1-3 sets of 12 reps/side

LEVEL 2: Lateral Hop to Stabilization to Single Leg Touchdown, 1-3 sets of 12 reps/side

LEVEL 3: Single Leg Countermovement Jump, 1-3 sets of 6-10 reps/side


Your workouts aren’t just about fitness, they’re an opportunity for you to directly improve your swing mechanics.

So with that in mind, the exercises you do should replicate the biomechanics of the golf swing and your focus should be to perform those exercises with perfect technique. That way, the improvements you see in your workouts will transfer directly to your golf game.

If you’re looking for a golf fitness program that breaks down the biomechanics of the golf swing into separate movements so that you can practice them at home you can find it over at Trainfuly.com

As a kinesiologist and Human Movement Specialist all my routines are based on advanced biomechanics of the golf swing.

So as you progress through the Trainfuly routines you’re actually improving your swing mechanics.

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Trainfuly Golf Fitness Program: https://trainfuly.com

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