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A decrease in hip internal rotation will reduce your ability to post into your lead leg, forcing you into early extension or possibly to hang back.

Decreased hip internal rotation is usually a result of postural dysfunction, specifically lumbo pelvic hip complex dysfunction and/or lower extremity dysfunction.

The common postural dysfunction around the hip is excessive flexion, adduction, and internal rotation.

And this is a result of short and overactive hip flexors and anterior adductors, resulting in long and underactive hip extensors and external rotators. The net result is altered force-coupling and arthrokinematic dyskinesis.

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The common arthrokinematic dyskinesis at the hip is excessive anterior and superior glide causing the surfaces of the hip joint to wear and tear while reducing your mobility.

The routine outlined in this video, although incomplete will help restore normal arthrokinematics, normal length-tension relationships, and normal force-couple relationships.

INHIBIT: TFL / gluteus minimus for 30-120 sec

MOBILIZE: Hip capsule 1-2 oscillations/sec for 30 sec

LENGTHEN: Hip flexor complex 30-120 sec

ACTIVATE: Gluteus maximus / medius 12-20 reps (tempo 4-2-2)

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