Increase Clubhead Speed and Stop Neck Pain

We can add 5 MPH to your clubhead speed by fixing the things that are making your neck hurt.

A forward head posture is making your neck hurt and decreasing your distance off the tee.


Because posture is the foundation of all your movements, including your swing sequence.

Simply put, if you have bad posture you will have bad movements.

Bad movements decrease your clubhead speed and cause pain. By fixing your forward head posture we can not only stop your neck from hurting, but also add 15 yards off the tee.


Trigger point release for 30-120 seconds

The pressure applied by the ball initiates a reflex inside your tight neck muscles which causes the muscles to relax.

Stretch for 30-120 seconds

Remember that your neck muscles require very little force to lengthen them.

Activate your deep neck flexors for 15-60 seconds

Only the back of your head touches the wall.

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