How To Fix Rotator Cuff Pain

Improve the performance of your rotator cuff to increase distance and consistency.

Your rotator cuff is comprised of 4 muscles.





They all originate from the shoulder blade and insert directly into the shoulder capsule. 

Supraspinatus originates from the top part of the shoulder blade and inserts into the top of the shoulder capsule and ABDUCTS the shoulder joint  

Infraspinatus and teres minor originate from the back of your shoulder blade and insert into the back of the shoulder capsule and EXTERNALLY ROTATE the shoulder joint. 

Subscapularis originates from the front of the shoulder blade and inserts into the front of the shoulder capsule and INTERNALLY ROTATES the shoulder joint. 

Although the rotator cuff rotates the shoulder in various directions it’s primary job is to STABILIZE the shoulder joint. 

Imbalances between the muscles of your rotator cuff will:

  • Decrease the depth of your backswing due to reduces shoulder joint mobility.
  • Reduce your clubhead speed due to inefficient sequencing
  • Cause inconsistent ball striking due to instability.
  • Decrease distance due to inefficient transfer of energy to the ball at impact. 

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This routine will restore balance and improve performance.

INHIBIT the posterior deltoid for 30-120 sec

INHIBIT the subscapularis for 30-120 sec

LENGTHEN pec major/minor subscapularis for 30-120 sec

ACTIVATE infraspinatus and teres major 12-20 reps tempo 4-2-2 

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