The #1 Exercise for Golfers (AVOID MISTAKES!)

In this video, I show you the one exercise that I think every golfer should be doing – the basic glute bridge.

What makes this exercise so important to golfers is that it not only increases the firing rate – or activity – of the glutes – which are the king of the golf swing and where we get most of our power from – but It also builds the companionship between the glutes and the deep core muscles, which will make your swing faster, more accurate and more consistent.


For every muscle that we do activation exercises for there will be overactive synergists that need to be inhibited.

If we don’t inhibit the overactive synergists we will simply reinforce a movement impairment called synergistic dominance, which will not only decrease you performance but also increase your risk for injury.

If you’re looking for a golf fitness program that show you how to create and reinforce perfect movement patterns so that your swing becomes faster and more accurate you can find it over at

The Trainfuly Golf Fitness Program consists of the same routines that I use with professional golfers to enhance their performance and protect them from injury.

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