Mike Stutzel

When I met Thomas is 2002 I was playing hockey for Northern Michigan University.  I quickly trusted his techniques and he was a pleasure to work with.  He always brought attention to detail to everything we did, as well as, explained why we did things and what the benefits were.  His communication skills were excellent and he had some very innovative ideas.  While working with Thomas I was able to improve all aspects of my physical performance, he made me stronger, faster and more agile.  He was also able to address any injury I sustained during the long hockey season.  With the training, meal advice and support I received from Thomas, I was able to make it to the NHL in 2003 with the Phoenix Coyotes.  I would highly recommend Thomas as a kinesiologist and nutritionist to anyone.  He is very intelligent, hard working and incredibly driven.  Anyone looking to recover from injury or advance their physical attributes would benefit immensely from Thomas’ guidance.

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I understand what it is like to live with low back pain because I have three bulging discs and osteoarthritis in my low back. I learned how to not only manage my low back pain, but eliminate it almost entirely and without prescription drugs. I can teach you how to do the same.

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