How to Get Better at Golf (2 of 3)

To excel at golf we need to hit the ball far and and we need to hit the ball accurately.

Doing that is 100% reliant on impact conditions.

Specifically, SUSTAINING THE LINE OF COMPRESSION, which Homer Kelley identified as being the secret to golf.

To sustain the line of compression we need to be accelerating through impact while making contact with the sweet spot of the club face. And we need to be able to do that over and over and over again.

The nature of golf, probably more than any other sport, is defined by one repetitive movement. Our swing.

So, our efforts should be directed towards making our swing as efficient and consistent as possible.

The Trainfuly Golf Fitness Program achieves this by optimizing the alignment and functioning of your entire body, which is referred to as POSTURE.

Recall, Step 1 to improving your performance is to play and practice a lot.

Step 2 is to enhance your golf-specific athleticism.

Both Steps 1 and 2 involve optimizing your posture.

If you optimize your posture you will have the essentials for a high performance golf swing.

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