How to Fix Plantar Fasciitis (FOR GOOD!)

In this video I show you a quick routine that will enhance the neuromuscular coordination in your lower leg, stop foot pain and give you more distance and accuracy.


Inhibit the Fibularis Complex for 30 sec – 2 min

Inhibit the Lateral Gastrocnemius for 30 sec – 2 min Stretch the

Lateral Calf for 30 sec – 2 min

Activate the Tibialis Anterior with Heel Walks (Dorsiflexion, Inversion and Toe Flexion) for 30-45 sec.


Certain muscles in the body are prone to adaptive shortening and overactivity and we call these muscles TIGHT.

Others are susceptible to lengthening and inhibition and we call these muscles WEAK.

Combinations of tight and weak muscles are called muscle imbalances and they create movement impairments.

Movement impairment make you weaker, slower and less coordinated, while increasing wear and tear on your joints and connective tissues which can lead to pain and injury.

But by fixing your imbalances we can improve your movement, which will enhance your athleticism, protect you from injury and stop your pain.

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