Footwork Exercise (FOLLOW-ALONG)

In this video I show you an exercise that can enhance your footwork.

And with improved footwork you’ll have better balance, better sequencing and more power.

This exercise is all about the landings.

Which area of our foot we land on changes depending on which plane we are jumping in, so pay close attention to my instructions.

MULTI-PLANAR HOP TO STABILIZATION: Complete 2 sets of 4 cycles on each side. 60 seconds rest between sets.

Does your game need more distance but you’re worried about strength training?

Being outdriven never feels good. But strength training comes with risks and how do you make it specific to golf?

The Trainfuly Golf Fitness Program is a safe and effective way to increase the speed and accuracy of your swing.

It consists of 20 follow-along routines that can be played anywhere and from any device. It even has a schedule, so there’s absolutely nothing to think about.

Just hit play and follow-along.

Trainfuly Golf Fitness Program:

🏌🏻‍♂️One-on-one sessions available with me online.

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