Deeper Backswing

Doing this will help you hit the ball farther and here’s why.⁣⁣In order to cause movement, your central nervous system (CNS) has to send EXCITATORY nerve impulses to some muscles (agonists) to get them to CONTRACT and INHIBITORY nerve impulses to other muscles (antagonists) to get those muscles to RELAX.⁣⁣This is called INTERMUSCULAR COORDINATION and […]

Stop Your Sway or Slide

All great golfers use the ground properly during their swing sequence, giving them great BALANCE, SEQUENCING, and POWER.⁣⁣⁣⁣Professional golfers also have the ability to balance on one leg for 30 sec with their eyes closed.⁣⁣⁣⁣If you find it difficult to balance on one leg for 30 sec with your eyes closed it could be due […]

Professional Golfers Use This Exercise to Increase Power

Professional golfers use this exercise to increase their clubhead speed. This is a lateral jump to vertical to balance. This exercise trains your gluteal muscles to store and recover elastic energy to generate force while also training your body to break that force and plant it into the ground. The reason we want to do […]

How The Pro’s Perpare

In order for us to play our best we have to prepare. And the bigger the opportunity, the more preparation that’s required. The best way for us to prepare for competition is to practice. The more hours we can spend practicing, the more prepared we will be for when it matters. So where do our […]