You Can’t Outwork Low Back Pain.

At the moment of impact, when your club hits the golf ball,  your low back is exposed to roughly 200 pounds of force. Fortunately, your low back has the architecture to counteract that force, and I will go into detail on that topic in a later article, but this article is about how to give […]

Nick Went From Being Able to Stand For Only 5 Minutes to Conquering 10 kilometer Walks In 3 Months – Here’s How

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Here’s How To Strengthen Your Core For Golf

In my previous article I showed you how to unleash the longest drives by creating a controlled whip in your body. Creating a controlled whip in your body requires that you have proximal stability. What is proximal stability? People who operate heavy machinery know the concept of proximal stability very well. Let’s take the backhoe […]

Here’s How To Unleash The Longest Drives And Build A Resilient Back

If you want to unleash the longest drives you must train your joints and tissues to LOAD, STORE, and RECOVER elastic energy. You need your muscles to become pulsing springs. Then you must tune strategic stability and mobility throughout your body. And stability is just tuned elasticity If you think of a cowboy cracking a […]

What I See Happening In Golf Right Now Worries Me.

When I see videos and commercials of the guys on Tour working out in the gym and doing exercises like squats, deadlifts, and Russian twists it worries me. I’m not then surprised when I find out that they’ve developed a low back injury. Do you know that 80 percent of injuries in golf right now […]

Is Low Back Pain Killing Your Golf Game?

Use this Weird 11-minute movement routine before your next round to help turn your joints into elastic springs and cut back pain by 50% (and improve your swing)

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The Real Reason Your Back Hurts

If you have low back pain, you already know how much it can mess with your swing, especially when using your driver. One of the reasons your back hurts could be because of muscle imbalances. A muscle imbalance is a combination of tight and weak muscles that can change your posture and how you move […]

Is This What’s Hurting Your Back and Your Swing?

Many people think of golf as a leisurely activity, but that’s not true. Golf is a serious sport that requires a lot of athleticism and can result in traumatic injuries. Low back pain is the most common injury suffered by both amateur and professional golfers. 50% of amateur golfers and 25% of professional golfers suffer […]