Add Distance Off the Tee (FASTER GLUTES!)

In this video I show you an exercise that – when properly executed and placed into an organized exercise continuum – can add 15-30 yards off the tee and 5-10 yards to each of your irons.


Clubhead acceleration is more important than clubhead speed.

To increase clubhead acceleration we should increase the FIRING RATE of your muscles. –

REACTIVE ACTIVATION exercises are a safe and effective way to Increase the firing rate and synchronization of your muscles.


For best results you could perform this exercise after the ball bridge and before the box jump.

If you’re looking for a golf fitness program that shows you step-by-step how to increase the firing rate of all the primary muscles for the golf swing you can find it over at

As a Kinesiologist and Human Movement Specialist I use a scientifically proven exercise continuum to increase both the motor unit recruitment and firing rate of your muscles, which dramatically increases the amount of force your muscles can generate.

In fact, most people who complete the Trainfuly program add 15-30yards off the tee and 5-10 yards to most of their irons.

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